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Brazil wins the Copa America 2019
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In a crunch game between Brazil and Peru, the most successful South American side once again become the winner of the competition on their home soil.

Brazil are now the 9 times winner of the Copa America while winning it 5 times at their home soil.

The final of the tournament was already under vague clouds because of the words the Argentian forward Lionel Messi didn't go to receive his medal and refused to go to the podium for the ceremony

and said,"I didn't go to the podium because we shouldn't be part of the corruption and lack of respect.
"We were meant for more but they didn't let us be in the final.
"The corruption and the refs didn't allow the people to enjoy and football is ruined."

Messi also condemned the actions of the referees and said detrimental words about their officiating.

Instead of all the drama behind the scenes, the match started on a high tempo with both the teams going for the trophy. The first goal came from an exquisite pass from the Manchester City player Gabriel Jesus to Everton, which he easily put past the goal-keeper.

Later, because of a controversial penalty, Peru equalized the score to 1-1.
The second goal for Brazil was scored by the City Striker Gabriel Jesus assisted by Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino.

A few minutes later Brazil striker Jesus was shown a red card as he was already booked once in the first half and left the field weeping.
हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए, click here

The third goal again came from the penalty spot but this time for Brazil. The 3rd goal by Brazil confirmed their victory and made them the 9 time Champions of Copa America.