Cold War Raging between Ronaldo and Sarri
Today, a friendly fixture was played in South Korea between the Italian Champions and the K league all-star team.

According to reports, there was a contractual agreement between Juventus and the Event Organizers that Juventus's no. 7 superstar will at least play for a minimum of 45 minutes in the game.

The tickets of the friendly fixture were thrice the normal value. Nevertheless, the stadium was full. The Korean fans attended the fixture on the promise of Ronaldo playing at least half of the game.

The Juventus bus arrived 30 minutes after the pre-decided time and because of it, the game began 1 hour after the scheduled time for the kick-off.
The Korean fans were unhappy because of the delay and then Ronaldo not starting the game was more disappointing for them.

They all thought Ronaldo will play in the second half and continued with the game. At, the end of the first half K league all-stars team was leading by 2-1.

Then the second half began but Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen on the pitch and he was again on the bench.
Korean fans were agitated by Ronaldo not coming in the second half but they were convinced that sooner or later the Portuguese Superstar will come to grace the Korean turf in front of them.

The clock kept on ticking but Ronaldo didn't even play for a minute in the game.
Whenever the camera was moving towards the bench, at times Cristiano was seen looking for his call-up but Sarri never called him to show his genius on the game

We all know, Ronaldo is not good at hiding his feelings and his expressions were clearly telling the tale that Sarri intentionally didn't grant him the fortune to honor his Asian fans.

His Korean fans grew extremely mad for not getting to see the best player in the world playing on the ground and started booing the players after the final whistle and Now they are showing their frustration on social media sites.

Later in the post-game conference when Sarri was asked about not playing the Juventus Talisman, he said, "This evening we gave space to young players, who were eager to play. Now, for 10 days we can train without matches and we can do good preparation. Today I talked to him, and he was very tired, so we decided to keep him at rest. We played in a beautiful stadium, with a large audience and a perfect turf."

The statement which Sarri gave was going completely opposite of the expressions we saw on the five-time Ballon d'Or winner's face after the final whistle.

Last week a video came out of Ronaldo going past Sarri uttering few words with expressions of disagreement and Sarri was left speechless at the sideline.

After watching the clip, viewers concluded, Ronaldo was unhappy with his substitution just after providing a 2-1 lead to Juventus and scoring his first goal of the pre-season tournament. Later, Juventus conceded two back-to-back goals and went on to lose their first International Champions cup game.

It seems there is a cold-war raging between Ronaldo and the Juventus boss because of the incident on the first game of the International Champions Cup.

Today, Sarri silently has shown Ronaldo that he is the boss here and he is the one who decides.