It's been more than 2 months when the rumors of Neymar leaving PSG started yet he is still in Paris but not playing for PSG.

The hottest transfer saga of this summer has not reached any conclusion.

Mainly, Neymar is being linked with his former club FC Barcelona, then somewhat with Real Madrid and lastly a little bit with Juventus.

PSG are keen to offload Neymar this summer but they don't want to sell him for anything less than a suitable price.

The report suggested all kind of offers has come from Barcelona for Neymar.

Firstly, it was Coutinho + 100 million euros cash, which PSG rejected.

Then, Barcelona offered Coutinho + Dembele + 40 million euros cash which again the French Champions rejected.

Next, Barcelona offered a loan deal for Neymar, which compromised of a mandatory buy-out of about 190 million euros, which again was rejected by Paris Saint-German.

Same way Real Madrid has also offered different types of deals for Neymar.

They offered Bale + Cash, then, Bale + James + Cash, and now they are offering, Bale + James + Navas + Cash, and PSG are not inclined towards any of these offers.

The only concrete news from the Juventus side came was for Dybala + 90 million euros for Neymar, which is also not accepted by PSG yet.

PSG clearly wants to sell Neymar but on the other side, they are rejecting every offer which is being offered by the buyers.

Now, only God knows what PSG wants for Neymar and only time will tell Neymar's next destination.