Ways Juventus can lineup next season
The forthcoming Serie A season is set to start on 24th of August 2019.

Juventus have started preparing for the upcoming season. Soon, the Italian Champions will leave for China to participate in the International Champions Cup.

Pre-season fixtures have always been an effective way for teams to warm-up for upcoming seasons, building an understanding between new and old players and for producing fluidity in the squad.

After spending 4 years in Turin, Allegri left Juventus without winning a Champions League title. Juventus in search of the coveted Trophy has hired Maurizio Sarri as their new manager.

Maurizio Sarri's playing style is also known as Sarri ball. Though, Sarri himself has denied about having a fixed playing style. He said he believes in adapting to situations and players' qualities.

One thing is always visible from Sarri's tactics, he likes playing attacking football with his midfield keeping the ball in possession while making quick passes to create scoring chances.
Sarri has world-class players under his belt at Juventus and he would like to try them all.

There are more than 5 ways Juventus can lineup next season.
Firstly, we will look at the 4-4-3 formations.

Now, let's look at the 3-5-2 formations.

The reason behind selecting Icardi in one of the 3-5-2 formations is because of the solid rumors of him joining Juventus.

If Sarri opts to play 4-4-2 formation

Our final formation is:

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